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The band.

Rehearsing in John's parent's garage.

We used to throw the garage doors open and play to the street. The neighbours must have hated us.

Rehearsing in Glasgow.

Can't remember the exact location, and I assume Iain was behind the camera.

Prestwick Academy gig for Comic Relief.

Azrael's first gig at Prestwick Academy in March 1989.

Playing at The Marquis in Ayr, Scotland.

Logical Innocence recording session August 1990 at The Brick Hithouse, Irvine, Scotland.

Early shots with the original drummer .

Eric the Duck.


Posters from various gigs we played around Ayrshire.

Most were drawn by John, with a few by Alan.

Tape covers

Tape covers from studio demos and live recordings.

All created by John.


Original lyric and music notes from some of our early songs.


Press clippings about the band.

Prestwick Academy gig programme

The souvenir programme from the Comic Relief gig played at Prestwick Academy in March 1989.

Prestwick Academy newsletter interview

An interview with the band that appeared in the Prestwick Academy school newsletter.

Note the inclusion of the original drummer .


Assorted other documents.


Some band history that Nat wrote back in the late 80's.